Brand : Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance x Sameera Sardana London Blue T-Shirt


This statement unisex piece comes in one size and in the color blue. 250 GSM premium cotton fabric was used in the construction of this garment and has a puff printed detail at the bottom. The front of the garment showcases hand-developed artwork by Sameera Sardana which was then digitalized onto each piece. This garment would not be restocked once sold out.

Sizing(in inches):ƒ??
Chest- 54ƒ??, Waist- 54ƒ??, Hips- 54ƒ??, Length- 32ƒ??, Sleeve length- 10ƒ??, Shoulder: 21ƒ??

DELIVERY:ƒ??Limited numbers, now open for order.
Product dispatch: 48 HOURSƒ??ƒ??This garment can be worn by people of all sizes.

Wash Care Instructions: Hand Wash inside out. Do not iron the print. Or dry clean only.A note from the artist: The piece of art draws inspiration from the game of chess.

Can you sport the pieces?
Itƒ??s classic to my style of painting figurative abstract pieces. Looking at ZTƒ??s language of visuals, and whatƒ??s been done in the previous collections, I was inspired by the title ƒ??proud brownsƒ??.Chess an iconic game on its own is a game that originated in India. The pieces within the game are so unique in design as in their role in the game. The rhythmic movement of each piece sort of gave the idea to paint dancers with classical training.

Do you ask why I decided to paint chess of all games?
Itƒ??s symbolic! Thereƒ??s intellect, power, maneuver, manipulation and calculation, and fun as well! There is anticipation and interest in the game, an emulation of life itself.

Where does it sit in the collection with ZT?
I feel there was such an amazing atmosphere and openness to exploration! I was given the freedom to play with my vision! It felt like a mutual admiration for each otherƒ??s crafts And passion, to give free range to do whatever with this collaboration sort of honored and respected both of our practices as creators!

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