Crepdog Crew started off as a sneaker reselling company a couple of years ago. Upon establishing ourselves in the popular Emirate, we expanded to our home country India in 2019. 

We grew to new levels, all along this budding community of Indian sneakerheads, helping them get pairs of kicks that previously were difficult to find in the country. The community bestowed on us their trust, making us the one of the most reliable professional reselling companies in India within a span of a year.

As we continue expanding our sneaker empire, we've taken a piece from the growing global streetwear culture to create a never-seen-before platform for streetwear designers to showcase their creations and sell them to the masses – in a first of its kind, one-stop-shop for streetwear we now call the ‘CDC Street’.

Shop your entire outfit by choosing from our handpicked set of streetwear designers and picking up the freshest kicks. All this and much more at