Crepdog Crew x Sneakare Sneaker Wipes

₹649 ₹1,099

Introducing the Crepdog Crew x Sneakare Sneaker Wipes – the ultimate solution for keeping your sneakers looking spotless at all times.

Why Sneaker Wipes?
1. These Sneaker Wipes are designed to keep your sneakers clean at all times.
2. These wipes are suitable for travel and easy to carry in a wallet or a bag.
3. Individually packed for easy storage and preservation.
4. A vigorous cleaning or washing won't be needed as often with frequent wipe cleaning.
5. Convenient to use, you can keep it in travel, office, car, or home to clean your shoes whenever you want.

Direction of Use
1. Use the plain side to clean the surface.
2. Use the dotted side to clean tough stains and white soles.
3. Suitable for leather, vinyl & knit material. Not suitable for suede.
4. Dispose of the wipes after use.
5. Do not flush the wipes.

Avoid contact with eyes.
IF IN EYE, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water or consult a doctor.
Keep out of reach of children.

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