Brand : F A R A K

Anarkali Block Printed - Hoodie


About the design:

This hoodie masterfully encapsulates the iconic tale of Salim and Anarkali within its design. It artfully symbolizes Anarkali's entombment within the walls. The hood's base showcases intricate floral block printing, reminiscent of the walls of Rajasthan, while the contrasting panels skillfully represent two distinct epochs: white evoking the bygone era,
and black representing the modern age, as we often perceive history in black and white.
The red cross-stitching at the panel junction serves as a powerful emblem of the convergence of these eras. The front patch harmoniously combines Mughal paintings from the past with contemporary line art in modern colour palettes. As for the back patch, it metaphorically portrays Anarkali's illusion as if she is entombed within a wall, akin to a painting hanging on display.

Key Highlights:

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 370 GSM
  • Made in India
  • Drop Shoulder Oversized fit
  • Unisex
  • 3 Panelled Hood
  • Contrast Paneling
  • Raw edges cut work on the back
  • Turnback Hem
  • Cross-stitched detail in red yarn
  • Model (6’2”) wearing size XL

Note: This piece is made in a limited quantity

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