If you’re a true-blue collector, here’s everything you need.

Yeezy’s are all the rage in the sneaker world, and this one’s not likely to die down any time soon. Synonymous with Kanye West’s off-beat vision, the Yeezys are known to kick every other ‘Dad Shoe’ trend to the curb.

If you’re a true-blue collector and are wondering what to buy next, follow through.


1. Yeezy 350 Ash Pearl

A rather sharp pair, these comfort kings can elevate the most basic look. The Ash pearl colourway is one of the only colourways in the Yeezy 350 silhouette that gives off a unique holographic, illusory look compared to the rest of the other shoes.


2. Yeezy 450 Cloud White

Yeezy 450 cloud whites are perfect if you want to add something to your street style that’ll make your look stand out. They’re unique and striking enough to complete every look. Fascinatingly enough, the 450 Cloud Whites sold out within the single minute that they were released! Now that definitely says something about the greatness of this sneaker.


3. Yeezy Slides

Yeezy slides are something you should be after if you want something effortless and minimalistic to add to your collection. Yeezy slides are the way to go if you’re looking out for something trendy and quick while on the move, or if you’re someone who loves to stick to the basics. The best part about Yeezy Slides is that they are in fact, extremely snug and comfortable around the foot, despite being something you can so easily slip on and off from minute to minute. 


4. Yeezy Foam Runners

Foam Runners are a must-have for the bold and experimental. If you love experimenting with different kinds of looks and designs with the sneakers you go for, these are definitely for you! Additionally, Foam runners are also an environmentally sustainable shoe as they’re innovatively crafted out of algae foam which is a biodegradable material. 


5. Yeezy 350 Black Red (Breds)

Yeezy 350 Breds are a Yeezy classic. They’re smart, they’re elegant and go with just about everything from street style to even formals! The best thing about this sneaker is that you can dress up or dress down and do just about anything you want, without going wrong with them. The simplicity and sleekness of this colour palette has made Yeezy 350 Breds one of the most iconic Yeezy colourways to come about. 


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