Shorts for the Summer - Hand-picked essentials from CDC Street

Shorts for the Summer - Hand-picked essentials from CDC Street

It’s finally Summer time and nothing feeds into our seasonal love than a good ol’ wardrobe upgrade. On CDC Street, you’ll see a variety of playful designs from the country’s leading and emerging Streetwear designers.

We gave you a one-up for the season, and pulled out our favourite pairs of shorts to get you through sunny days and balmy evenings. 

From Warping Theories to Prxkhxr, scroll down for a variety of playful designs.


1. Navy Blue Biker Shorts by Warping Theories 

The 90’s are making a comeback in a big way, this year. Cue in Biker shorts! They’re the easiest to style and can really carry you through the day. Whether it’s for your work from home routine, or the evening workout, this classic navy blue pair is perfect for the season.


2. ‘Emo Floof Sweat Shorts’ by Kanika Goyal Label

Tie-Dye is all the rage, we hear. For that reason, there’s Kanika Goyal’s Emo Floof Sweat Shorts - versatile as they are comfy!


3. 3D Pocket shorts by Warping Theories

Who doesn’t love pockets? Warping Theories’ basic shorts come with pockets so you can keep all your essentials in one place. Pair these with your favourite graphic tee for your next errand run - y’all know, all eyes will be on you.


4. Neon Floral Shorts by Prxkhxr

If you’re into making a neon statement, this one’s a no-brainer! Prxkhxr’s signature print story makes an appearance on these dad shorts - perfect for on a hot Summer day. 


5. Royal Blue Biker shorts by Warping Theories

Level up your athleisure game with Warping Theories’ royal blue biker shorts. We’d give you styling tips, but this one really can be paired with absolutely anything - a crop tee, an oversized shirt, a sweatshirt, or whatever else you can come up with.

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