Sneaker Pills

₹549 ₹799

  • The Sneaker Pills absorb the moisture from your shoe and keep them fresh.
  • The pills remove the odor and replace it with a fragrance that helps in increasing the life span of the shoe.
  • Compact sized to reach and absorb odors in dark, tight places, where other fresheners won’t fit, this pair of pills is an essential foot care accessory.

Directions of Use

  • The Sneaker Pills remove odor from your shoe and keep them fresh.
  • There are 3 levels of intensity. High, Medium & Low intensity. You can increase the intensity according to your requirement.
  • Slide the pill inside your shoe.
  • Leave the pill inside the shoe according to your requirement.
  • After using, close the pill and store it back to maintain fragrance.
  • The fragrance remains for up to 45 days depending on the usage.
  • The fragrance is extracted from the plant base.


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not touch the N-Shield particles inside the pills.

Note: Each box contains 1 pair 

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