Sneaker Lab Deluxe Kit

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CLEAN | CARE | PROTECT ƒ?? Our Deluxe Sneaker Cleaning Kit offers you a complete care regiment for your beloved kicks. Step 1; grab our Sneaker Cleaner in conjunction with the Premium Brush and clean off any dirt or scuff marks. Next, eliminate any unwanted odors with our Odor Protector. If cleaning leather sneakers; apply Leather Care to a microfibre cloth and gently rub it into the leather upper. Lastly; give your shoes a liberal spray of Sneaker Protector and now youƒ??re ready to kick it.

GOOD FOR YOUR SNEAKERS ƒ?? Our Sneaker Cleaner and Odor Protector make use of 100% biodegradable cleaning technology in the form of natural bacteria, which continues to clean long after use. They are safe to use on most materials including LEATHER, SUEDE, NUBUCK, CANVAS, MESH & VARIOUS KNITS. As for our Leather Care conditioner and Sneaker Protector: both make use of a water based solution, which means that we get to ditch the harsh chemicals here too.

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