Nike SB Dunk Low J-Pack Chicago


The Nike SB Low J-Pack Chicago, like several other Nike silhouettes, has found its way from the basketball court to the feet of skateboarders over the company's history. Skaters and basketball players alike seek kicks with many of the same characteristics: maximum traction, adaptable cushioning, and low force upon landing. Skaters in the 1980s and 1990s preferred to skate in Air Jordan 1s before there were so many options for decent skateboarding footwear. The high-top structure of the sneaker provides the necessary ankle support for numerous skateboarding maneuvers. The latest iteration of the Nike SB Dunk J-Pack pays homage to the Air Jordan 1's early skate culture involvement.

The Nike SB Dunk Low J-Pack is dressed in a colour palette made popular by a high-flying superstar who earned his name in the Windy City, and this release pays homage to those historical ties. To complete this traditional look, the classic colours of Varsity Red are combined with neutral touches of black and white. It provides something for both Jordan and Super Bowl fans. The skateboarding feature of the sneaker is then introduced via a large tongue and oval laces.

Nike took note of the love skaters had for the Dunk and finally in 2002, introduced the SB Dunk, re-engineered for skating with features such as more padding and better traction. The SB Dunk became a canvas to try out offbeat colour combinations and unusual fabrics like pig suede.

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