Hi Crew, today onwards there is an update in our loyalty program as mentioned below.

On a purchase of ₹50,000 you were allotted 50,000 Crew Coins (1Re = 1Crew Coin). On redeeming the 50,000 Crew Coins a cashback of ₹2,000 (50 Crew Coins = ₹2) was provided.

From Today onwards:
On a Purchase of ₹50,000 you will be allotted 2,00,000 Crew Coins (1Re = 4 Crew Coins). On redeeming the 2,00,000 Crew Coins a cashback of ₹2,000 (100 Crew Coins = 1Re) will be provided.

The Changes will be auto applied for your upcoming purchases.

To redeem your crew coins as per the previous loyalty program mail us at care@crepdogcrew.com.
Our team will assist you in the process.