Nike Air Force 1 Low CLOT Blue Silk


The 2019 AF1 collaboration between CLOT and Nike to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their legendary first 1 World cooperation led to the creation of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Clot Blue Silk. The Yin and Yang principle and the harmony of externalism and internalism are both celebrated in the Nike Air Force 1 Low Clot Blue Silk's design.

It has a distinctive design that includes patterned CLOT Royale Deluxe blue silk fabric that can be burned, cut, scratched, or torn to reveal grey leather underneath. According to CLOT, the double layer was intended as a reminder to go past the surface and "search for what lies within." The Nike Air Force 1 Low Clot Blue Silk features a matching pattern on the leather and silk that was influenced by a thousand year-old Chinese decorative motif that represents luck and wealth.

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