Vintage Faded Style Flat Laces


Introducing our Vintage Faded Flat Laces – a nod to timeless style. With a carefully crafted faded design, these laces add a touch of vintage charm to any pair of shoes. Elevate your look effortlessly, blending classic appeal with modern fashion. Durable and versatile, these laces are not just an accessory; they're a statement. Upgrade your style with our Vintage Faded Flat Laces – where the past meets the present in every step.

If you prefer to wear your laces loose, size down. And if you aren't sure which length you want, measure the stock laces on your shoes for accuracy.

Laces come in pairs.

  • JORDAN 1: 130cm
  • JORDAN 1 MID: (130cm)
  • JORDAN 1 LOW:  (120cm)

These measurements provide a sizing reference to help you choose the perfect length for your Vintage Faded Flat Laces based on your preferred style and shoe model.

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