Svenklas Amber White Black Backpack


Shaped by artistic craftsmanship, Amber combines timeless design, minimalist aesthetic and modern functionality with an unrivalled attention to detail.
The water-resistant and functional Svenklas Amber backpack is constructed with recycled polyester and highest quality vegan leather.
The double roller buckle closure gives Amber a timeless yet modern look.
The inner laptop compartment fits most 16" models. Functionality combined with sophisticated design make it the perfect everyday backpack for work as well as leisure.

Leather: Handcrafted with finest quality vegan leather.
Fabric: Made with water-resistant and highly durable recycled polyester.
Lining Fabric: The inside of the backpack is made of premium quality water-resistant grey recycled polyester fabric liner.
Hardware: Custom designed durable metallic hardware.

CARE -> To get rid of light stains, wipe the leather with a slightly damp cloth and always dry leather at normal room temperature. Do not machine wash or dry clean. To remove stains from recycled polyester, put a few drops of cool to warm water and rub gently until the stain starts to lift.

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