Brand : F A R A K

Striped Khadi - Shirt


About the design:

The Striped Khadi Shirt emerges as a labor of love, meticulously handwoven and handspun by the skilled hands of Pramod Ji, a fourth-generation artisan hailing from Fatehpur. Within its very fibers, this shirt encapsulates a mesmerizing array of multicolored stripes. The fabric itself bears the distinction of being entirely handmade in India, proudly adorned with the Government-certified Khadi label. Also, remarkably, a mere 3 to 5 meters of this exceptional fabric can be crafted in the span of a single day, underscoring the dedication and precision that breathe life into each Striped Khadi Shirt.

This Striped Khadi Shirt is a timeless classic crafted with 100% hand-spun and hand-woven Khadi cotton by 4th generation artisan, Pramod Ji from Fatehpur, India. Specially made by 4th generation artisan, Pramod Ji from Fatehpur, the shirt features an oversized fit and drop shoulder design and is created from only 3-5 meters of fabric per day. Enjoy the timeless craftsmanship and tradition with this unique piece.

Fabric and styling details:

  • 100% Khadi cotton
  • Made in India
  • Hand-woven and Handspun
  • Drop shoulder Oversized fit 

 Note: This piece is made in a limited quantity.

Dispatch Timeline - 14 Days

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