Brand : TOKIKE



Meet Soelaas: Your comfort zone in a bag.

More About Soelaas: Soelaas is the quantum of solace you were always looking for. Call it one hell of a sturdy companion ‘cause it’s got your back wherever the road takes you. A multifunctional, multicolor backpack that instantly modifies according to your need and carries all your essentials, it’s sure to take you places. 

Attributes: Unisex designer bags, beachy, sturdy, practical, spacious, light-weight, easily foldable, colorblock bags, comfort carrying, zero backache, great at work with 1 zippable pocket inside.

Material: Woven canvas and waterproof inner lining

Size: 17 x 11 x 5

Warranty: All of your Tokiké bags come with a 12-month warranty claimable on material, manufacturing, and craftsmanship defects. Warranty does not apply to damage caused by routine wear and tear or neglect.

Care: Use a dry/damp soft, clean cloth that doesn’t drain colour to wipe your bag. You could use diluted soap and water solution. Stuff and store your bags in an upright position in the provided dust bags to retain their shape. Keep a lint roller handy to easily get rid of small fibres and dust particles that collect on your bag. Slight variations or creases in the canvas are reflective of the true handcrafted nature and the quality of our bags, making them uniquely yours.

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