Brand : Drugstore Cowboy

Customised Heavy Denim Jacket-Shirt


This shirt-jacket will hold rounds of new customisation until purchased by a buyer. Each time a modification/add-on takes place, the price will increase by 10% of the original value. A new customisation will be performed every 20-30 days with varied mediums of art.

{Performed by Kanika Sethi - This piece holds zero hesitation of purchase time period. It in fact challenges the Indian buyer market and its openness towards experimental fashion. Even if this remains unsold for time to come, I can blissfully marinate in art until there's no space left on it ! }

Baggy fit, full sleeves

100% cotton

Dark and light indigo fabric pattern cut on sleeve, back and side.

Made in India- Tailored in limited pieces.

Dispatches after 15th March

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